Always double check pricing with store. 
We try to keep website pricing upto date but in-store pricing always applies.
Trophy Black Duck Decoy.jpg

Trophy Black Duck Decoy's  $12.00 each

Buy 5+ and get tossed in:

* 2x Osprey Duck Calls

* 1x Spika game loop carrier (upto 8 birds)

Iray TH35 scope.jpg

Infiray Thermal scopes & Monoculars just arrived.

*AFFO monocular $1,095ea.

*TL35 Thermal scope $4,395ea

* TD50L Day/Night scope $1,495ea (IR940 light incl)

Champ workhorse trap.jpg

Champion Workhorse Trap  $595.00

Compact, easily portable design
Throws targets up to 75 yards
50 Clay Magazine
2.5 Second Reset
3 Launch Angles
Foot pedal release

Normally $675.00 - You save $80.00

lyman corncob media.jpg

Lyman 4.5lb media


Tasco 2060x60 spotter.jpg
Tasco 20-60x60 Spotting Scope  $245.00

* Fully coated lenses
* Angled eyepiece
*Built in sunshade
* Tripod & soft carry case included
Moultrie Deer Feeder.jpg

Moultrie Standard Feeder 30 gallon Tri-pod

*Large 325-pound capacity
*Automatic feeder with up to 4 feed times per day from 0-20 second each
*Outfitted with All-In-One Quick-Lock
*Runs on 4 AA batteries (not inclulded)
Power Outlet for solar-panel installation


A900i trail cam bundle.jpg

Moultrie A900i Trail Camera Bundle $235.00

* 0.4 sec trigger speed

* 60 foot invisible flash

* 30 Megapixel image

* 19k image battery life

* 2yr Warranty !!

SD & AA batteries incl.


Lithgow LA102.jpg

Lithgow LA102 Poly/Tit .308cal $1,565.00

* Bare rifle

* Price only valid for Shop Tag: DI706 due to recent price increase

Last one at this price !!


Lithgow LA101 Poly/Tit  .22LR $1,245.00

* Bare rifle

* Price only valid for Shop Tag: DG093 due to recent price increase

Last one at this price !!

Sauer 101 Classic.jpg

Sauer 101 Classic  $1,270.00 (bare rifle)

* Quality made in Germany rifle

* Sub MOA guaranteed

* 3 position safety

* Adjust super crisp trigger 2.2 to 4.2 lbs

* 5 or 4 round detach mag

* 300win & 223rem current avail in store stock

Gamo Pro Mag 177.jpg

Gamo Pro Magnum .177

Great value domed pellet for competition or for the kids doing some target plinking.


* $16.00 tin 500 or,

* $120.00 pk of 5,000 


Pellets 0,49g - 7.56gr 

Beeman Kodiak.jpg

Beeman Kodiak X2 scoped Pkg $450.00

*  Break barrel GAS RAM air rifle with interchangeable 177 & 22 barrels.

* 2 stage adjustable trigger

*  4x32 scoped package

StikePro lures.jpg

StrikePro bib lures

Assorted colors & sizes


* Callop, Redfin

* Murray Cod

Bushranger lures.jpg

Bushranger 1/2oz Spinner Bait Lures

  Assorted colors


  * Callop

  * Murray Cod

Opera House Net.jpg

Opera House Yabbie Net

* 8cm steel ring supported openings.

* Easy open/close locking toggles.

*  Folds flat for easy transport.

   $18.50 each

Spika spotlight.jpg

SPIKA rechargeable spot light  $115.00

* USB chargeable

* 15w CREE LED

* 2.5hr run time

* 2yr Warranty

Diana Stormrider PCP.jpg

Diana Stormrider PCP  $395.00

This is a sweet-handling air rifle & has plenty power for hunting small game, plinking and target shooting.

* Unregulated PCP
* Multi-shot magazine (9x .177 & 7x .22)
* Easy side-lever loading arm
* Metal trigger
* Ergonomic woodstock with checkering
* 11mm dovetail optics rail

NOTE: I can supply a pump but most people buy an electronic PCP pump off EBay etc. Trust me, you will get the shits quickly with pumping by hand !!

Eley Alphamax 36g.jpg


  * 36gr heavy game loads

  * size AAA, BB & 2's in     store  (#4's on B/ord)

  $23.50 pkt of 25 or,

  $215.00 per case 250.

ADI ammo logo.jpg

ADI World Class 223rem

Note: Also known as:

(OSA, Buff River, Outback)

 * 55grn GamekingTipped


 $ 62.00 per 50rnd sheet

 $120.00 per 100rnd


ADI 243.jpg

ADI World Class 243win

Note: Also known as:

(OSA, Buff River, Outback)

 * 87grn Hornady V-Max


  $290.00 per 120rnd Pkt


Remington Accutip.jpg

  .222rem arrived from Backorder.

 *  Premier Accu-tip 50gr

 *  3,140fps 

  $  50.00 pkt 20, or

  $235.00 per 100

Very limited & nothing else available. I have .222 backorders pending from March 2020 !!


  30-06 VOR-TX

 *  Quality Barnes Ammo

 *  168gr Triple Shock BT

 *  2,850fps muzzle vel 

  $  80.00 pkt 20, or

  $340.00 per 100

Note: Only 200rnds in stock which is priced to clear

Timney trigg Ruger M77.jpg

Timney Sear & Spring kit for Ruger M77

* Suit 77/17 or 77/22

Item code: #7722


Tasco air scope.jpg

TASCO Air Rifle Scopes:

* 3-9x40 $160.00

* 2-7x32 $140.00

*    4x32 $130.00

Rated to withstand the rigors of pneumatic, spring-piston and CO2 driven air guns, the Tasco Air Rifle scopes won't let you down.

Ridgeline Hydration Bladder.jpg

Ridgeline 3ltr Hydration Bladder


This bladder is suitable for all Ridgeline backpacks, is made extremely tough and holds 3L. Just enough to keep you going all day!

• 3 Litre Capacity
• Suitable for all Ridgeline backpacks

Ridgeline trail cam.jpg

Ridgeline Trail Camera 


* Super Slim and Compact Profile
* Photo resolution: up to 24MP
* Video resolution: 4k/10fps
* Long Time Standby Time: +/- 8 months
* Fast Triggering time: 0.4 Second
* Low Glow, Long Night Vision * Range: 65ft (20M) with 36pcs IR LED
* Big Screen: 2" COLOR VIWER TFT LCD
* Automatic Temperature Compensation
* Accepts SD cards up to 128GB

(SD & Batteries not included)

Tru oil.jpg

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil gun stock finish.

  $35.00 (8oz bottle)

Lyman case trimmer.jpg

Lyman Case Trimmer

* Universal case trimmer with 9 of the most popular pilots.


Hornady brass.jpg

Hornady 338 Lapua

* Un-primed brass cases.

     $80.00 pkt of 20

Priced to clear (1xpkt)

Nosler brass.jpg

Nosler 6.5x55 sweed

* Un-primed brass cases.

     $110.00 pkt of 50

Priced to clear (1Xpkt)

Lyman sonic.jpg

Lyman Turbo Sonic

* Concentrated case cleaning solution.


  Priced to clear (4xunits).

* 32oz (946ml)