Lee RGB 2 die rifle set  $49.50
Note: shell holders not included
Lee single shell holders  $ 13.50
Lyman Quick Slick case lube 
* 473ml pump pack
* Dries fast to light/clear film.
* Extra slick formula, lubes cases in seconds.
Lyman Case Prep Centre  $P.O.A
The case prep unit is an "all-inclusive" system offering 5 of the most popular case prep accessories driven by a high torque gear motor.
Hornady Case Trimmer $P.O.A
No other case trimmer in this price range features a micro-adjustable cutting head! Based on the proven design of our earlier case trimmer, this new model is packed with many other valuable features Hornady customers have been asking for. Features: GET ACCURATE, CONSISTENT CASE LENGTHS Thanks to the unique way the case is locked in place in the shell holder, all trim lengths are accurately measured from the base of the cartridge, with no variation due to rim thickness, etc. You get the same trim length every time. Max trim-to length is 3.4 inches. USES STANDARD HORNADY SHELL HOLDERS & PILOTS Includes the seven most popular pilots: .22 cal., 6mm, .270 cal., 7mm, .30 , .38 cal., and .45 cal. UNIQUE ONE FINGER CASE CAM LOCK
Lyman Turbo Sonic 2500  $P.O.A

Features: Heated tank and plastic basket delivers superior ultrasonic performance. Processes up to 900 9mm cases in less than 15 minutes.Cleans cases inside & out, including primer pockets


Lyman Sonic solution 32oz. $P.O.A
Lyman Turbo Sonic case cleaning solution was formulated to deliver premium results in cleaning cases inside and out.
Hornady LNL Auto Charge  $P.O.A
* 1000 grain capacity
* Accuracy to 1/10th grain
* Quick & easy calibration
Hornady Balance Beam scale  $P.O.A
* 505 grain capacity
* Durable, easy read laser etched bar
* Moulded pan hanger
* Hardened pivot points & bearings
Lee Perfect Powder Measure $P.O.A
 * Micro adjustable
 * Large lift off hopper with shut off valve
 * System won't bind or cut powder
Lee Auto Prime XR (90230)  $P.O.A
 * Automatically feed & install primer
 * Built in primer flipper
 * Includes both large & small trays
Lee Breech Lock Bushings  $P.O.A
 * Pack contains 2 bushings 
 * Fits all Lee Breech Lock presses
Lee universal shell holder set  $ 75.00
Includes: No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & No.19. Also includes application chart.
Series 1 Hornady 2 die rifle sets
Note: shell holders not included
RCBS lube pads  
Lyman lube pads
Hornady lube pads 
Lyman universal case trim $P.O.A
Lyman 1200 Turbo Tumbler  $220.00
Includes 2lb media
Hornady 76oz Media  $P.O.A
Clean up your cases with the One Shot Tumbler Media. The abrasive media removes tarnish and other residue from cartridge cases. 
Hornady LNL Bench Scale  $P.O.A
* 1500 grain capacity
* Measures grain (gn), ounce (oz), grams (g) & carat (ct).
* AC adaptor & calibration weight incl.
Lyman Accu-touch 2000  $P.O.A
 * 2000 grain capacity
 * Accuracy to 1/10th grain
 * Includes removeable powder trickler
 * Includes powder brush & AC adaptor
Hornady Powder Trickler  $P.O.A
* Ideal powder scale companion
* Large capacity
* Convenient height
MTM Universal Funnel Kit  $P.O.A
* Reduce reloading bench clutter
* Made from rugged, plastic material
* .17cal to .450cal
Lee Auto Prime Shell Holders $P.O.A
* Includes 11 holders for most popular sizes.
Lee various items:
 * Case conditioning kits
 * Decappers & bases
 * Safety powder scales & more
Hornady various items:
 * Primer pocket cleaners / reamers
 * Deburring tools
 * Stuck case removers
 * Case neck brush kits
 * Shell holders, decapping pins & more