Rangefinders are used to measure distance in a variety of applications.

Significant factors in evaluating performance are range, accuracy, ease of use under field conditions, size, and weight.

The required accuracy varies accroding to the application or the task being performed. Typical hunting applications include determining the distance to surrounding structures or targets from a one fixed point to another. Most rangefinders are very accurate, lightweight, and compact. The size and weight of your rangefinder should be a consideration as it will often be carried long distances or through steep terrain.

Leupold RX-650 BLACK micro laser   digital rangefinder   


Leupold rangefinders give you the exact distance to the target with quick, pinpoint results and a crystal-clear target image. Take out some of the guesswork before you squeeze the trigger.

Bushnell Backtrack Orange 3 Point Mini GPS  


Super little unit and extremely handy for a days hunting. Accurately pin point your camp site, car, trail cameras or other field equipment and most importantly, the trophy deer when you go off to get the car.


Very important safety item & a top buy !!


Bushnell 6x20 Scout DX1000 

Sleek, simple and deadly effective – all with the push of a button. Like lightning, Scout® DX 1000 ARC™ acquires the target with built-in E.S.P. Turboprocessor. ARC calculates compensated distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate “shoots like” reading out to 99 yards – even displaying 1/10 yard out to 199 yards.

With selectable Bow and Rifle Modes, each with their own specialized capabilities, it performs like two units in one. And, it is all housed inside a sleek, rubber-armored unit that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, yet tough enough to withstand any weather or terrain.

Bushnell 4x20 Truth Arc 


The truth of the matter is this: You won't find a clearer way to lock in and bring down your target with confidence.

  • ClearShot™ Technology - Instantaneous feedback on your shot clearance

  • ARC - Angle Range Compensation

  • Pocket-size ergonomic design

  • 4x magnification

  • Bow Mode – provides true horizontal distance from 7–199 yards

  • Rainproof

  • Range: 7–850 yards

  • Angle range: -90º to +90º

  • Lightning fast measurements

  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap included