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I-Ray Thermal Tube Scopes have been designed with cutting edge thermal technologies which provide consistent 50Hz frame rates, vivid colours & contrast.

Standard Features:

* 12uM Pixel Pitch, one shot sight in, WiFi compatiable, 32GB built in memory, removeable/rechargeable lithium battery.

* TL35 - 384x288 detector, 35mm objective, 3.1-12.4x magnification  $4,395.00

* TH35 - 464x464 detector, 35mm objective, 3-12x magnification  $4,950.00


* AP13-AFFO Monocular - 256x192 detector, 13mm objective, 1.2-2.4x magnification  $1,095.00


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IA-317 Gamechanger 2.7-10.8x40    $3,430.00

IA-617 Gamechanger 1.6-12.8x40    $4,265.00

IA-612 Gamechanger 2.4-19.2x42    $5,365.00



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Thunder Scopes:

TH25    $3,395.00

TH35    $3,750.00

TQ50    $5,795.00

Owl monocular:

OH25    $2,495.00

OH35    $3,295.00



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ATN Stockist - Scopes & illuminators

X-Sight - 4K day/night vision

Mars Thermal

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