BHS will be closing once our current lease term expires, some time prior to 31/10/2022.  WHY??

1. Unable to secure a suitable lease term.
2. Industry wide supply issues which I don't think will be resolved any time soon.
3. I am tired, I have worked 6-7 days a week for 20+ years & I am now looking forward to taking a break.

EFFECTIVE 04/08/2022 BHS will not be accepting interstate transfers or person/person transfers locally. 

Due to the SAPOL interpretation of your "genuine need" we are not confident the transfer of a firearm you have purchased could be completed prior to our closure.
Trophy Black Duck Decoy.jpg

Trophy Black Duck Decoy's  $12.00 each

Buy 5+ and get tossed in:

* 2x Osprey Duck Calls

* 1x Spika game loop carrier (upto 8 birds)

Champ workhorse trap.jpg

Champion Workhorse Trap  $595.00

Compact, easily portable design
Throws targets up to 75 yards
50 Clay Magazine
2.5 Second Reset
3 Launch Angles
Foot pedal release

Normally $675.00 - You save $80.00

ONLY 1 Left (17/08/2022)

Lee RGB dies.jpeg

Lee RGB Die Sets:

 $45.00 each with shell holder, or

 $40.00 without shell holder.

* 223, 243, 270, 6.5x55, 308, 303 & 30-06 left in stock.

Lee Ultimate Die Sets: $110.00

* 6.5creed & .308 left in stock.

Lee Pacesetter Die Sets:  $70.00

* 9mm, 38auto/super, 338WM, 300WM & 45-70 left in stock.

Tasco 2060x60 spotter.jpg
Tasco 20-60x60 Spotting Scope  $245.00

* Fully coated lenses
* Angled eyepiece
*Built in sunshade
* Tripod & soft carry case included
Moultrie Deer Feeder.jpg

Moultrie Standard Feeder 30 gallon Tri-pod

*Large 325-pound capacity
*Automatic feeder with up to 4 feed times per day from 0-20 second each
*Outfitted with All-In-One Quick-Lock
*Runs on 4 AA batteries (not inclulded)
Power Outlet for solar-panel installation


A900i trail cam bundle.jpg

Moultrie A900i Trail Camera Bundle $235.00

* 0.4 sec trigger speed

* 60 foot invisible flash

* 30 Megapixel image

* 19k image battery life

* 2yr Warranty !!

SD & AA batteries incl.




500packs of lead:

9mm, 38, 44 & 45

Projectiles left in stock:

* .22 Vmax 50 & 55

* .22 Speer 50grn SP

* .22 88grn ELD match

* 6mm 90grn ELD-X

* 6mm 70g Varmageddon

*6.5 Speer 140g SP

* 25cal 100g SP

* 25cal 117g SST

* 270 110g V-max

* 270 130g SST


Sauer 101 Classic.jpg

Sauer 101 Classic  $1,270.00 (bare rifle)

* Quality made in Germany rifle

* Sub MOA guaranteed

* 3 position safety

* Adjust super crisp trigger 2.2 to 4.2 lbs

* 5 or 4 round detach mag

* 300win & 223rem current avail in store stock


Ruger 22LR Long Range Target  $975.00


Speckled Black/Brown Laminated stock
10 Round magazine
22" Barrel
1:16 Twist
13.5" LOP
Weight 8lbs

Gamo Pro Mag 177.jpg

Gamo Pro Magnum .177

Great value domed pellet for competition or for the kids doing some target plinking.


* $16.00 tin 500 or,

* $120.00 pk of 5,000 


Pellets 0,49g - 7.56gr 

Ruger 22lr precission.jpg

Ruger Precision .22LR rifle $795

* 3-9x40 scoped package $950.00

Note: magazines are not as pictured as they are now flush fit 10rnd

StikePro lures.jpg

StrikePro bib lures

Assorted colors & sizes


* Callop, Redfin

* Murray Cod

Bushranger lures.jpg

Bushranger 1/2oz Spinner Bait Lures

  Assorted colors


  * Callop

  * Murray Cod

Opera House Net.jpg

Opera House Yabbie Net

* 8cm steel ring supported openings.

* Easy open/close locking toggles.

*  Folds flat for easy transport.

   $18.50 each

ADI powder.jpeg


* CCI Large Pistol x SOLD OUT


* 3x 1/2kg 2213SC  @  SOLD OUT

Eley Alphamax 36g.jpg


  * 36gr heavy game loads

  * size AAA, BB, 2's & 4's in store.

  $23.50 pkt of 25 or,

  $200.00 per case 250.

ADI ammo logo.jpg

ADI World Class 223rem

Note: Also known as:

(OSA, Buff River, Outback)

 * 55grn GamekingTipped


 $ 62.00 per 50rnd sheet

 $120.00 per 100rnd


** Arriving soon**

Hoist Pkg.jpg

ALLEN Gambrel deer hoist & Quarter bags package

 $75.00 pkg


  30-06 VOR-TX

 *  Quality Barnes Ammo

 *  168gr Triple Shock BT

 *  2,850fps muzzle vel 

  $  80.00 pkt 20, or

  $340.00 per 100

Note: Only 200rnds in stock which is priced to clear

Timney trigg Ruger M77.jpg

Timney Sear & Spring kit for Ruger M77

* Suit 77/17 or 77/22

Item code: #7722


Tasco air scope.jpg

TASCO Air Rifle Scopes:

* 3-9x40 $160.00

* 2-7x32 $140.00

*    4x32 $130.00

Rated to withstand the rigors of pneumatic, spring-piston and CO2 driven air guns, the Tasco Air Rifle scopes won't let you down.

Ridgeline Hydration Bladder.jpg

Ridgeline 3ltr Hydration Bladder


This bladder is suitable for all Ridgeline backpacks, is made extremely tough and holds 3L. Just enough to keep you going all day!

• 3 Litre Capacity
• Suitable for all Ridgeline backpacks

Tru oil.jpg

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil gun stock finish.

  $35.00 (8oz bottle)

Lyman case trimmer.jpg

Lyman Case Trimmer

* Universal case trimmer with 9 of the most popular pilots.


Hornady brass.jpg

Hornady 338 Lapua

* Un-primed brass cases.

     $80.00 pkt of 20

Priced to clear (1xpkt)

Nosler brass.jpg

Nosler 6.5x55 sweed

* Un-primed brass cases.

     $110.00 pkt of 50

Priced to clear (1Xpkt)

Lyman sonic.jpg

Lyman Turbo Sonic

* Concentrated case cleaning solution.


  Priced to clear (4xunits).

* 32oz (946ml)

lyman corncob media.jpg

Lyman 4.5lb media

normally $48.50

SPECIAL $40.00

Champion thrower.jpeg

Champion High-Fly

Target Thrower


  $110 for thrower & box orange clays !!

Lansky profess kit 5 stone.jpg

All Lansky sharpening gear thats in stock:

  15% off  

* Kits

* Replacement stone, Bench stone and sharpeners !!

          Rifle Magazines left in stock