Applies to interstate & local transfers:


If you purchase a second hand or New firearm from an interstate dealer we are happy to assist you with your purchase by acting as your accepting dealer.  Our charge for this service is $60.00

If you are selling a firearm to an interstate purchaser we are happy to provide the transfer service (incl: packaging & handling, dealer  verification & notifications with secure registered delivery)


Our charge for this service is $60.00 plus courier charges (contact us for a quote, all we need is the destination & post code)


Witness a private transfer between Seller & Buyer (Murray Bride is a "daylight" hours Police Station we encourage private sales to be transferred and witnessed at the police station).


Our charge for private sale witness is $40.00 each firearm or (Seller & Buyer - $20.00ea)


Deceased estate storage & completion of transfers to a licenced person.


Our charge is $25.00 per firearm. 


Interstate transfers of firearms already registered to you (eg: moved from NSW & now have an SA licence and wanting to ship & register your guns in SA).

Our charge is $40.00 per firearm  *** NOTE: We DO NOT store firearms while you obtain an SA Licence so leave your firearms in storage with your interstate dealer until you have secured an SA licence.

STORAGE - we DO NOT have the capacity to store firearms short or long term for any reasons outside of the normal transfer/sales etc.   

Updated: Aug 2021