Cleaning kits from $35.00
Universal kits from $49.50
  • Mops, jags & brushes from $6.00
  • One piece rods from $50.00
Patches & Wipes
Hoppes Bore Snakes  -  call for price (all cals)
Gun restoration products & kits
  • Birchwood Casey
  • Tetra
Stock finishing
Large range of gun cleaning chemicals, oils, grease's:
  • Hoppes
  • Tetra
  • Outers
  • Gunslick
  • G96
  • Walther
Gun maintenance centre's:
  • MTM (GV-30)    $call for price
Suitable for any type of gunsmithing or cleaning maintainence on rifle or shotgun.
  • Tetra (T1600gv)  $call for price
MTM Shooting Range Box  $call for price
  • MTM (RBMC-11)
 Sporting a gun cleaning kit on top with a rifle maintenance cleaning stand base. It utilizes a two-piece design for compact transport and convenience. This setup is a must have for breaking in a new barrel, testing loads and sighting in rifles.
Hoppes Stailess one piece rod  $ P.O.A
Stainless cleaning rod rifle/shotgun with assorted jags.

* Finest quality 100% cotton flannelette cleaning cloth.

* Solid material, wont pill or fall part.

* Absorbs solvent and oils well, the slightly course surface finish allows it to “scrub” the bore for perfect and thorough cleaning every time.

* Traditional English style, white flannelette 4” (100mm) wide, marked every 2” (50mm) with red lines.


  $20.00 per 8m roll  (SPIKA)