Helpful Hints


When fox whistling (I mainly shoot in Mallee or foothills) I always try to follow these basic steps:

  • Camo or bland clothing (brown or green - I avoid navy blue)

  • Wind direction: This is the most important point & where possible the breeze should be into your face or across you, never blowing over your shoulder. Your scent will travel on the wind & broadcast your presence !!

  • Cover: Try to position yourself against a tree, rock or bush and maintain a wide field of view. DO NOT try & hide behind cover, sit or stand in front (do your checks first - snakes, spiders, bloody ant nests etc).

  • Movement: Keep still - the old red dog will spot your movement & be off like a flash.

  • Calling: I like to use a tin whistle when not filming. I start with short soft calls in case fox very close, gradually building to louder calls if nothing coming. I call for 15-20 sec then wait a couple of minutes & go again. Don't call when fox looking directly at you. Give your stand 10-15min then move 300m-400m & try again.

  • Decoys: Not essential but they do give the fox something to focus on & reduce the chance your movements will be spotted. I only use a 12g when using a decoy as once the fox locks onto the movement they almost always charge in making scoped rifle shots difficult.


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